To do list

1) accept that not everything will go your way. Be glad that it didn’t, learn from misfortunes.

2) learn that it’s okay, from time to time, to eat whatever. A cookie won’t change anything, except make you happier.

3) realize that you are more than the distance between your thighs, the size of your breasts or the number on the scale.

4) know that happiness is just a phase. Don’t spend your life looking for it, it will eventually have to pass.

5) perfection doesn’t exist. Love your imperfections.

6) stop trying to label yourself. You need not to be limited by words.

7) most of all, love yourself. Understand that no one will love you more when there’s less of you to love.


What is your body?

Nothing. Everything. All at the same time.

No, your body is not a temple. A temple can be shattered, crushed, torn. Your body is not a vessel. A vessel is merely a hollow carrier. Your body is not your home. A home is where you hide, take shelter. Don’t label your body. Don’t tell it what it can do and what it cannot.